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A Natural Sleeping Position

A Natural Sleeping Position
Category: News
Posted: 29-05-2013 00:46:18
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Synopsis: Although it may not seem like it, there are an awful lot of people with the same problem. Finding a comfortable and supportive sleeping position is something many people struggle to find.

The worst thing about losing weight is that in-between stage when nothing fits. Clothes are either too big or uncomfortably tight. Apart from buying tailor made, options are limited. Mass produced clothing tends to operate a one size fits all policy. If individuals don't fall within the standard measurements, finding an outfit that's fashionable and fits, can be a tall order.

Fortunately, the same problem doesn't apply when furnishing the home. Furniture is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and thanks to adjustable beds, everyone can choose their ideal sleeping position and enjoy ultimate relaxation. As those who like to read or watch television in bed can appreciate, finding and maintaining a comfortable position is a nightly struggle. By changing the angle of the bed to suit, an adjustable bed can put an end to the pillow war.

An adjustable bed is a great choice for any lifestyle but it can be particularly useful for those coping with health issues. While there may not be any definitive medical evidence, many in the health industry believe that an adjustable bed can ease a variety of conditions.

Backache is among the most painful conditions affecting modern society. Over the years, a variety of treatments including alternative therapies such as herbal medicines, have been tried. Today, the focus is shifting toward posture as a preventative. Many health practitioners recommend that sufferers sleep in what's known as the 'semi fowler' position. This technique of altering body positions to suit patient's needs was first developed by an American surgeon, George Ryerson Fowler during the late 1800's. Adjustable beds, allows individuals to sleep in a 'semi-Fowler' position where the upper body is inclined and the legs slightly raised. This position takes strain from the lower back.

Swelling of the feet or legs, known in medical circles as 'Edema' is caused by a build-up of fluid. Depending on the cause, doctors can prescribe a variety of treatments. But, many experts recommend raising the feet as a practical and often simple way to ease discomfort. With an adjustable bed, users have the option of raising the lower end of the bed for a more comfortable position.

Sleeping with the head raised has been a standard treatment of acid reflux. This painful condition worsens at night as acid flows back from the stomach to burn the throat. Until relatively recently, sufferers either used a mountain of pillows or used bricks to raise the actual bed. Now with an adjustable bed, there is no need for either. Adjusting the bed's height is a bonus for those caring for patients or loved ones.

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