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Go To Sleep

Go To Sleep
Category: News
Posted: 15-06-2008 23:00:00
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Synopsis: A good nights sleep refreshes us like nothing else can. Going to bed and getting a good nights sleep is essential to our survival.

Go to sleep.

A good nights sleep refreshes us like nothing else can. Going to bed and getting a good nights sleep is essential to our survival. Even though most of us spend a third ( And in some teenage cases 50%) of our lives asleep, we take it for granted until that dreaded moment when we cant sleep. Then as we all know it drives you nuts to the point of dreading the thought of going to bed and having another sleepless night.

For millions of us, the aftermath of an awful nights sleep is higher stress levels, we make more mistakes and have difficulty concentrating and if you are like one of our bosses (who we refuse to name for obvious reasons) you are grumpy all day long. But it doesnt have to be this way.

There are simple ways to help your body and mind get into the right state to aid a great nights sleep.

1,Try and go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time to keep your body clock  in  time.

2, Set yourself a peaceful and relaxing night time routine, such as a good soak in a hot bath then reading or listening to some soothing music.

3, Make sure your room is dark, quiet and has a comfortable cool feeling about it.

4, Dont eat late on an evening. Try and eat at least 2 to 3 hours before Sleeping.

5, Dont take work or worries to bed. That includes the laptop and any other items that will stop you from relaxing.

6, Use your Bedroom for sleeping and sexual pleasures. Get rid of the walking machine, sunbed, TV and his X- Box.

7, Regular exercise is great for us all. However, please do not workout prior to going to bed.

8, Choose the right beds & mattresses. Buying the right bed or mattress is one of the most important purchases you would ever make.

9, It not all in the bed. Choose the right pillow. Do not buy a great bed then poor or useless pillows.

10, Try not to have alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco products, and coffee, tea, soft drinks or chocolate close to bedtime.

It is easy to say do all these things and you will sleep like a baby. I hear you all scream "No Chocolate!" "No TV" are you mad!!! The above are helpful hints to help us when we cant sleep. Like most things in life we are all able to do most things in moderation. However, if you ever get in your bed and cant sleep. We hope these tips help you.


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