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The Benefits of a Pocket Sprung Mattress

The Benefits of a Pocket Sprung Mattress
Category: News
Posted: 23-02-2013 19:50:15
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Synopsis: Why buy a pocket sprung mattress

Despite common misconceptions to the contrary it isnt necessary to have a hard mattress for it to be good for you, as long as there is a good quality support structure within it then the amount of padding on the top of the mattress is purely down to personal taste.

There are many different types of mattress available such as the continuous coil, open coil, memory foam, pure foam and the pocket sprung mattress which after being developed by English bed maker Vi-Spring Beds in 1901 has quickly become one of the most popular and commonly used types of mattress.

Unlike the continuous coil mattress which uses one continuous length of wire a pocket sprung mattress is made of individual springs placed in separate fabric nested pockets. This means that each spring can move independently of the next in order to respond to the sleepers body weight more effectively, this is particularly useful if you require extra support from your mattress. A good sign of craftsmanship and the quality of your mattress is if the stitched sides of your mattress are hand stitched.

Pocket sprung mattresses provide support to each part of your body in a way that a continuous coil cannot. They are particularly effective if you sleep on your side as the separately working springs are able to provide support for the different pressure points on your spine.

The pocket spring mattress is also preferable for couples sharing a double bed as it ensures that each is much less affected by the movement of their partner. The individuality of the springs also helps in cases where there is a size variation between the partners.

Caring for your mattress

When you have bought a new mattress it is important to leave it to air for around 2-4 hours in order for it to freshen and remove the storage smell. This should be repeated on a weekly basis by turning back the linen.

Depending on which type of sprung mattress you have it can be important to turn your mattress regularly. When sleeping your weight compresses the mattress and its springs which can lead to dips in the surface, this reduces the support of the mattress and can lead to a poor quality sleep and back pain. It is however possible to buy a one-sided no turn mattress which prevents these problems if you are worried about turning a heavy mattress.

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