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The connection between efficiency and a good nights sleep

The connection between efficiency and a good nights sleep
Category: News
Posted: 04-03-2013 16:51:28
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Synopsis: Are you really tired at work & do you feel a little lost at time. Lack of sleep could be a major reason.

The connection between efficiency and a good nights sleep

More and more of us are struggling to get an adequate amount of sleep every night. With a 24-hour work and lifestyle culture, where we're permanently attached to our phone or computer, switching off is becoming harder than ever.

However, making sure you have enough sleep on a regular basis is still important to help you to function effectively the next day. If we become sleep deprived then our body struggles to work correctly, meaning we lack concentration, are more likely to become ill and get easily stressed.

Helping Your Body Rest

While you're sleeping, your body is hard at work repairing any damage and making sure you're ready to go the following morning. If you don't allow your body enough time to complete this then you tend to wake up feeling groggy and reaching for that first cup of coffee. Giving yourself enough time to sleep helps your body to build up its immune system, which reduces the chances of you catching a cold. Even a couple of days of sleep deprivation can make you feel run-down and reduce your efficiency levels.

Relieve Stress Levels

The more sleep you miss out on, the more your stress levels will increase and unfortunately this then makes it even harder for you to get to sleep. The best and cheapest remedy for stress is to get a good night's sleep. Otherwise you can become too stressed to function effectively on a daily basis. The chemical that leads to a rise in stress levels, cortisol, is found in higher levels in those who are lacking in sleep and this results in an inability to deal efficiently with stressful situations. If you have had your eight hours of sleep then your blood pressure will be lower and you'll be able to make more decisive decisions and limit your propensity to stress.

Making You More Intelligent  

You might think that this was something your parents made up to make sure you went to sleep, but getting enough rest can actually make you more intelligent. While you sleep, your brain is working hard to process all the information from the day. This memory consolidation enables you to remember more, which is especially important if you are younger or learning a new skill, whether this is a foreign language or a sport. If you have a proper night's sleep your brain will also be able to concentrate more, meaning that it will take in even more information the following day.

It's important in today's 24-hour culture that we make sure we leave enough time to have a full night's sleep. You might think that you're functioning effectively without it, but your body will take on a whole new lease of life if you allow it the appropriate amount of time to rest and repair.

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