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Mattress Notes

Mattress Notes
Category: News
Posted: 31-03-2013 13:43:59
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Synopsis: Mattress info regarding open coil & memory foam mattresses

Mattresses are made with a blend of natural and synthetic materials or with entirely synthetic materials. They tend to come under one of two main categories - sprung or foam. Mattresses are usually made to specific sizes depending on the country they are being produced for. In the UK the most common sizes are single, double, king size and super king size.

Sprung Mattress

A mattress made with coils, or springs is the most common form around today. They were first made over a hundred years ago and quickly became the norm in households across the UK. They are made by selecting the right 'bed' of coils or springs which are usually premade by another manufacturer. The springs provide the support and come in a range of sizes depending on the quality of the mattress. The number of coils varies from around 250 - 1000+. As a general rule the higher the number of springs, the more expensive the mattress, although the gauge of the wire and the type of coil both play major parts too. A thick layer of cotton is placed on top of the coils to begin the process of adding comfort. Foam is then placed in layers and finished with the topping and finally the cover is sewn around it all. The mattress is then turned over and the same process is carried out on the other side so that the mattress can be flipped, increasing its longevity.

 Memory Foam

Memory foam is a much newer invention and tends to replace the older style foam mattresses. Memory foam was invented in the sixties and used in space travel; it took until the 1990s for it to become popular in households to be used in a mattress. Memory foam is made from a visco-elastic polyurethrane which is created when two chemicals (polyol and diisocyanate) are treated and mixed to become a urethrane (or plastic) known as liquid polyurethrane. This liquid is then met with carbon dioxide which causes it to form a foam. The foam is then heated to let the gas disappear and the foam is ready to be used as a mattress. 

On average we spend a third of our lives on a mattresses so it's no wonder that the manufacturing process is complex and thought out. There is a huge difference between the way a sprung mattress is made and how a memory foam mattress is made.

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Was worried when I still had not had my mattress by 4pm. But it finally turned up at 6.10pm. So was pleased in the end and its a lovely mattress
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