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How hotels choose the beds for guests

How hotels choose the beds for guests
Category: News
Posted: 15-03-2013 22:40:54
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Synopsis: It's not a secret & will help you next time you buy a new bed

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy a much better night's sleep in a hotel rather than at home? This seems to happen regardless of whether you are on holiday or staying in a hotel for business. The answer is simple - the bed and mattress that you are sleeping on is usually of a very high quality.


Obviously the main thing you are likely to be doing in a hotel is sleeping; it's paramount for hotels to give you everything you need for a good night's sleep. Hotels can buy higher grade manufacturers than many households because they buy in bulk. They are looking for two things when they buy mattresses - comfort and durability. Ultimately the better quality the mattress the more durable it will be so those factors tend to go hand in hand.


Any high end hotel and most mid-range hotels buy the highest quality mattress and bed frame they can. Offering comfort to guests is one of the most crucial ways to remain competitive. It's also about the way a bed looks. The higher quality the frame and the mattress the better the bed will look when it has been made with freshly laundered, ironed linen.


Whilst some of us enjoy a nice firm mattress others like softer beds. Hotels solve this problem by choosing a firm mattress with a soft topper which feels glorious to lie on but provides your spine with essential support. Toppers may be in the form of built in filling, a memory foam topper or a standard mattress topper. Many hotel firms are investing in memory foam mattresses too as these benefit from giving the sleeper essential support with great comfort.


In terms of the bed frame, hotels choose the most sturdy they can. They tend to use divan style or metal frames. Divans last a long time and hotels also choose them because they blend with a range of bedroom styles or themes. They are also useful because they often contain storage areas to keep spare blankets and pillows and can be moved easily when necessary.


Hotels choose beds with customers in mind - you can depend on the fact that whatever choice a top hotel has made, it is of an excellent quality. They tend to choose a firm, quality mattress with a soft topping as well as a divan base. One of the reasons you get a good night's sleep in a hotel is also because they choose quality linen with a high thread count and freshly launder them for each stay.

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