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Designing your New Bedroom

Designing your New Bedroom
Category: News
Posted: 03-03-2013 01:04:36
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Synopsis: Designing your new bedroom need not be a daunting task if you plan ahead

Designing your new bedroom

Design is fundamentally about emotion, which is the starting point for any professional designer. You need to think about the feeling you want to have when you first walk into your bedroom. Is it going to be a room where you can relax, a room where you want to make a bold statement about yourself, a room for warmth and sensuality, or a fresh, bright room that gives you a feeling of space and airiness? All of these options are perfectly valid, but you need to really decide which is your priority before you begin to make design choices. Another thing a professional designer will do when they consider a new look for a bedroom, is the amount of light that is available, the quality of that light and how it can add to the mood they want to create. You can bring light levels up with cool neutrals and create a sense of space and airiness with a crisp white. Or you can add drama and colour to a light room with heavy fabrics and bold colour choices, such as sensual red, rich green and gold. The bedroom, which is essentially a private space, is the one place you can let yourself go and express your individuality.


Once you have an idea in mind, think about which materials would complement it. Your bedroom furniture and the headboard of your bed are key areas to focus on. White wardrobes will clearly fit in with a light, neutral tone on walls and in curtains. But consider also that wood can add an interesting accent to a pale coloured room. If everything in your room is pale then it could feel a little bleak and cold. The warmth of pine may counteract this. Wood is always a good option for warm sensual cosy bedrooms. This warmth can be emphasised in the choice of divan and bedding you choose. A dark brown divan will almost disappear from a warm coloured room, complementing it and blending in. Focus your attention on the palette that appeals and build around it to complement the feel. Do pay attention to the amount of storage you will need however. There's no point in having a beautiful bedroom if you can't store anything. Consider Ottoman bed bases if storage is tight and a wardrobe with a number of shelves so that you can both hang and stack clothing. You can buy inexpensive baskets to store underwear and socks on a wardrobe shelf if you have no room for a chest of drawers, or you can add bedside tables to the ensemble for unobtrusive extra drawer space.


Finally, do make sure that you don't go for design over comfort. There is simply no point in having a bed in which you are uncomfortable, even if it does fit perfectly with your overall design. Spend time on the important matter of mattress choice and let it take financial priority over design decisions. You can always add design details later and change your bedding and wall colour in a weekend. But a mattress and bed are with you for the long haul, so make sure they are at the top of the budget list.


Thanks for reading. We hope you find the latest Bed Trader bed collection can help make the room of your dreams

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Great quality bed and mattress and a very reasonable price. Well done Bed Trader, I will certeinly be recommending you to my friends and family !!
david rich
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