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Regardless of the type of bed you have, whether it is a Leather Bed Frame, Pine Bed, Metal Bed or Divan & although sizes can vary from Single, 4ft, Double & King Size a good night's sleep has long been established as the key to making sure you're on top form the following day. For the average adult experts recommend having between seven and nine hours sleep in a twenty four hour period, with children needing more the younger they are. This ensures we are always at our optimum level for learning, concentration & mental awareness

As a rule of thumb it has been said "The better the sleep, the less you need" so as this suggests, if you are not getting a full nights deep sleep the amount of sleep you need to help the body fully rejuvenate increases. However, more sleep can never replace quality sleep. Periods of broken sleep may well lead to problems with difficult mental tasks with recent research showing that driving whilst tired is similar to being under the influence of alcohol. Studies for the Department for Transport report that driving tired or falling asleep at the wheel account for around 20% of accidents on trunk roads.

With media reports often explaining the dangers of sleep deprivation many of us know that being well rested can help with problem solving and reaction times. However there are some facts that are less than well known. For instance sleep is known as a 'heightened anabolic state' which accentuates the growth and rejuvenation of our body's major systems; immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular. Sleep may not actually make us younger but the right amount will help keep us young for longer.

With sleep being so important it's useful to know what can help us to sleep when sleep is not so easy to come by. As we age our sleep patterns change and we sleep 'lighter' meaning we are easier to wake. A disturbed night might be caused by noise, light or heat changes so it might be wise to consider a thermostat equipped heater, lined curtains or even ear plugs.

The more comfortable you are in bed, the quieter and less changeable the environment you sleep in the better. Many people have found memory foam helps them to sleep. Originally developed by NASA as part of the space programme this material is now a popular alternative to the sprung mattress.

In addition to memory foam many people have gone in search of a good night's sleep by opting for breathable layers on mattress covers. This can help regulate temperature and avoid sweat remaining on the skin. Sweating can be a problem, particularly if the room temperature dips dramatically over night, because moisture on the body can cause a chill which subsequently leads to a broken sleep pattern.

One of the most common reasons for sleep deprivation is being woken up by a partner who snores. Of course now medical procedures exist to help the most extreme cases. Although for most sufferers less invasive treatments are available, from lessening the amount of pillows to acupuncture. It may also be true that snoring is symptomatic of the position you sleep in and you may sleep in that position because it is the only comfortable position. A more comfortable bed or mattress may change how you sleep and may therefore be needed to help reduce the instances of snoring.

Whatever your main reason is for valuing your sleep The Bed Trader has a full range of beds & mattresses at cheap prices. With a huge selection available with next day delivery & all have huge discounts. If you need any advice, why not call one of our experienced team who will be happy to point you in the right direction. Choose from single Leather Bed Frames, 4ft Metal Beds, King Size Divan Beds or Cheap Double Mattresses & even Day Beds, Guest Beds & Memory Foam Mattresses all with Next Day Delivery

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